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@_tomchristie @kennethreitz Understood. But I see the coreapi API schema thing to be only one of many ways how to do API design, e.g. looking at real world APIs out there. There is a niche for a library that abstracts away the similarities when building a client for those diversity.

@kennethreitz Yeah, I stared at it a while ago and couldn’t get it to work with the API I had, if I would have written the API from scratch then it would have been useful of course.

Frage mich ja, ob die Leute von @home_assistent wissen, dass ihr neues Projekt t.co/OPmjxKQDl… nicht so ideal benannt wurde. Oder ist das selbstreferentiell gemeint, im Hinblick auf den Zustand der IoT Szene?

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@Lukasaoz If it matters, I haven’t looked back to running my own, have used it for a few years and like it.