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@_jayfk @djangoproject @fwiles Much appreciated! (btw, this is in no way a criticism on the actual design or work you’ve done, thanks for working on it!)

@_jayfk @djangoproject @fwiles Okay, I’ll send a note to the board later to argue that this should not be done unless someone is actively screening user input on djangopackages.

@_jayfk @djangoproject @fwiles Because it implies that it’s part of the official representation of Django, while it really is a self-managed repo that often contains spam or inaccurate data.

@_jayfk @djangoproject @fwiles To be clear, with confusion I mean confusing to users that Django could be endorsing the content of t.co/mbT75mfDN… or that the packages are somehow verified. Same reason djangosnippets doesn’t use color scheme.

@_jayfk @djangoproject Hmm, you sure you got permission to use the Django green? Plus, why using the same color scheme as the Django site for buttons etc, I would strongly suggest to change it to prevent confusion. /cc @fwiles

@visualosmosis It was hidden (obvi) and is what I’ve used since I’ve never had a FB account and don’t plan to have one. FB = the evilest of evil silos.

Every time I dip my toe again into the current state of JavaScript toolchains I’m kinda loosing my mind after only a short while. How is everyone dealing with that overflow of conflicting tools and paradigms?

@Khue_P @spdde Ich glaube der häufigere Vergleich ist „Verräterpartei“, also dass sie die richtigen Dinge anfangen, dann aber doch umfallen und irgendwie nicht konsequent bleiben. Glaube schon, dass Skepsis angebracht ist, dass die Erneuerung diesmal klappt. Zu wünschen wäre es auf jeden Fall.

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@WagtailCMS @mtrythall FYI The tutorial in the blogpost fails (CommandError: ‘/path/to/wagtail2’ already exists) when running wagtail start wagtail2 since the venv already is named like this.